Numbers, numbers and more numbers

I was looking at the following post

and started to wonder if the numbers did not add up (just like others before me). I started to have look at the data for myself (see graph below), so wrote a small LabView program to analyse the data.

This should look familiar apart from the green and blue lines, you can see that my calculate slope (right hand side of graph) is near what others have said before.

The green line: take 25 years of data compute the linear fit (slope), work out the temperature rise that this slope would give over a hundred year period and then move the 25 year window along by one month.

The blue line: a linear fit of the green line. The slope is interesting but what does it mean?

This seems to indicate that the climate moves wildly over a 25 year period, somestimes large positive swings over the 25 year period and at other times large negative swings. Right now we seem to be entering a downward period. How long will it last? Does it mean more cold winters to come?

I will post other graphs for 50 years and 75 years for you to compare.

Comments please?


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